Burroughs Psycotherapy Practice


When we treat children and adolescents, we encourage the whole family to join in the process of creating a supportive environment for developing young people into thoughtful, responsible, and creatively expressive individuals. Along with more common therapeutic approaches, i.e., play-therapy, CBT, and psychodynamic therapy, our therapists utilize music, art, and writing therapies during interventions with young people.



Families are our specialty at BPP, and we take a collaborative approach when treating the family unit. We have found that in addition to family sessions, assigning members individual sessions, when necessary, helps the family grow more wholly and allows each member to develop at their own pace. Mr. Burroughs specializes in issues of fatherhood, family conflict, and parent-child relational issue. We also have therapists that specialize in treating adult women, adult survivors of trauma, break-up and divorce, and female relational issues, including motherhood issues.



When working with couples, we take the same approach we take to working with families. We offer couples therapy/marriage counseling and pre-marital counseling to provide couples with the opportunity to explore their relational issues and develop healthy ways to resolve problems. One or both persons in the relationship may also be recommended to attend individual sessions to treat emotional or psychosocial issues that are affecting their personal well-being. All of our therapists work with adults to explore transitions, develop coping skills, and treat a variety of mental health issues.