The Burroughs Psychotherapy Practice, LCSW, P.C. (BPP) is a New York State Professional Corporation with offices in The Bronx and Brooklyn. BPP is licensed to administer a full range of clinical social work services such as psychotherapy, psychosocial evaluations, mental health diagnosing, treatment planning, child sex abuse forensic evaluations, and home studies.

Our Mission
To facilitate emotional and developmental change in children, adolescents, and adults, and restore balance to couples and families.

  1. To assess and identify emotional discourse that impacts psychosocial functioning.
  2. To analyze thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, in order to stimulate emotional and behavioral change.
  3. To improve relational dynamics in couples and families.

Here, at The Burroughs Psychotherapy Practice, we do not serve up TV style therapy: you will not lie on a couch and spill your guts about your childhood while your therapist mumbles, “hmm, mm,” until he falls asleep. Our therapists actively participate in your sessions and working together as a team, we help you and your family develop skills to improve the quality of your lives. We teach you skills to manage your thoughts and change the behaviors that contribute to negative emotions and feelings.

As a practice, BPP is geared toward working systematically: involving all available resources to help individuals thrive. When necessary, our therapists utilize a team approach with families to ensure that each member receives the specialized, individual support they need to develop into well-rounded beings. We also work toward involving schools and teachers, doctors, religious institutions, the local community, and community agencies as part of interventions for our clients.

While we are enthusiastic about meeting with our clients every week, rolling up our sleeves, and getting to work—our goal is not to keep you as a client forever. During our sessions, we aim to assist you in restoring balance to your life, and providing you with the necessary tools for self-care.